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Quick Boot Fast Boot APK download

Quick Boot Fast Boot APK download

The description of Quick Boot

** Root access to your phone is required to use this application. **

Reboot your device, power off your device, or boot your device into recovery or bootloader mode, with just one tap. Create shortcuts / widgets on your home screen for easier access.

Now with one tap also see device network, software, and hardware information about your Android phone or tablet device. See the Bootloader, SDK, build serial, MCC, MNC, Screen Size and more.

❐ Why Quick Boot only works on a rooted device?
Because you need super-user permissions. Checkout here for more information on root: http://www.androidcentral.com/root

❐ Please don’t hesitate to contact ([email protected]) for any issues you may have; and do give us 5 stars if you like us! Thanks & enjoy! Show less  

Quick Boot 4.8 Update

2015-09-30 Now with one tap also see device network, software, and hardware information about your Android phone or tablet device. See the Bootloader, SDK, build serial, MCC, MNC, Screen Size and more.

Added support for landscape mode.

The description of Quick Boot Fast Boot

Quick Boot Fast Boot APK

An extraordinary swift and accurate reboot app for Android that enables advanced reboot and recovery options for your device. 
Does your phone not support any advanced reboot operation? 
Important files get deleted afterward the restart? 
If yes, then you must require this app to recover valuable files as well as magnify the phone’s performance. 
Reboot Features 
Standard reboot
Power off 
Fast reboot
Reboot to recovery mode
Reboot to bootloader mode
Reboot to download mode
Reboot to safe mode
Saves & Restores Selected Files 
Before rebooting select all your important files to save them either on the SD card or phone’s storage memory. This app saves items and recovers them easily after completing the quick reboot process. Now you are not going to lose important data while restarting your device. All the chosen files will be recovered instantly after reboot ends. 
Automatically Clears Cache 
This restart widget for Android is also a device optimization tool. It continuously deletes all caches from the phone to ensure a smooth and flawless action. 
Super Easy Interface & Fast Operation 
Our app employs a graphical user interface (GUI) that features user-friendly seamless controls. Unlike other complicated applications, we offer simple options. Therefore, anyone can understand the basics. To guide you well, we have created the ‘Help’ option as well. 
Reboot Recovery All Advanced functions In A single app 
Several advanced reboot recovery choices are available in our app. No matter what device you use, you can now restart your phone effectively to improve the Android’s performance. 

Quick Boot Fast Boot is the best of the best reboot recovery tool that lets you restart in the easiest way. Boost your phone’s functionality alongside save all of your important files. That’s not all it offers. Each and every file restores back all at once after completing the super-fast reboot process. 
Short Description
A tool to clear cache, quick and advanced reboot, save and recover files

* This app requires root access to work *** 
If you do not have a rooted device can’t be used. If you do not know what “root” is, please read this (https://goo.gl/W8etnX) article. Please do not leave a bad feedback because it is not an app’s fault.

? Your buttons are wearing out or broken?
? Advanced reboot options are not available in your smartphone or tablet?
? Bored by being forced to use ADB or terminal commands to enter advanced modes?

Forget everything! ? This application gives you access to all the advanced reboot options in one single place. You don’t need to type commands in terminal neither do anything else and your buttons are safe. YAY! ?

? Quick Reboot provides a powerful shortcut system and an all-in-one widget for your home screen too! Reboot has never been faster. ?

Main features
➡ Restart
➡ Enter safe mode
➡ Fast reboot (user interface and apps)
➡ Reboot to recovery
➡ Power off
➡ Restart user interface (SystemUI)
➡ Screen lock
➡ Reboot to bootloader (fastboot mode for supported devices, download mode for Samsung)

⭐ Additional features ⭐
➡ Configurable shortcuts to run specific reboot actions
➡ Widget for LG Smart Bulletin (G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, V10, V20, V30 and G Flex 2)
➡ Configurable icons for the app and the all-in-one widget
➡ Two themes to choose for the app interface and widget: light and dark
➡ Show and hide actions individually

Fastboot mode (reboot to bootloader): its behavior cannot be handled by this app who only provides a way to enter it. The device may not allow the user to exit it without ADB, for example in case of non-removable battery or unavailable reset by long pressing the power/lock key.
In case you are stuck in fastboot mode, please follow the steps below:
1- Install ADB and fastboot from https://goo.gl/abtKRv
2- Make sure you have installed the proper USB drivers for your device and connect it to the computer
3- In a terminal window, type fastboot reboot and press enter

Alternately, let the battery discharge until auto power off.

Safe mode: Android will temporarily disable all the user apps including Quick Reboot. To exit it, reboot or power off your device with the built-in power menu accessible by long pressing the power/lock key.

? Found issues? Please contact me or select “Support” inside this app rather than leaving a bad feedback. ?

If you can help me to translate this app in more languages, please contact me via e-mail at [email protected] Thank you! ?

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